8th Pay Commission New Update: 8th Pay Commission formed, great news for employees

8th Pay Commission Update: Central employees always have this question in their mind that when will the government form the 8th Pay Commission. Employees have been waiting for this for a long time and it is expected that the government is planning to fulfill their expectations soon. Let’s know the whole matter.

It is being estimated that this time the 8th Pay Commission will get more salary than the 6th and 7th Pay Commission, which is good news for the employees. However, no official information has been given by the officials regarding the 8th Pay Commission yet. But according to media reports, the salary can be announced soon.

Big salary will be available in 8th Pay Commission/ 8th Pay Commission New Update

The government will soon share information about the 8th Pay Commission among employees. It is said that the 7th Pay Commission was formed in the year 2014, and usually a new Pay Commission is announced after 10 years. This process will be repeated this time too.It is being told that the 8th Pay Commission may be formed by 2026, and employees will get a bigger salary in it. According to government sources, the salary of employees in the 8th Pay Commission will be more than the 7th Pay Commission.

Know how much salary increased/ 8th Pay Commission New Update

According to the information, there was a 27.60% increase in the salary in the fourth pay commission. After this, there was an increase of about 31% in the fifth and 1.6 times in the sixth. Now it is being said that in the coming time, there can be a significant increase in the salary under the 8th Pay Commission as well. According to sources, the minimum salary of employees can be more than Rs 26,000.

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