E-Ganna Scheme Benefits, District List, App & More

Uttar Pradesh government has launched the E-Ganna scheme to help sugarcane farmers. The government launched the website and App for this scheme, so more and more eligible farmers can apply for this scheme and get benefits of it.

Under this scheme, the farmers get help to sell the sugarcane to mills easily and efficiently. The beneficiary of this scheme is sugarcane farmers in UP. The farmers can easily use E-Ganna app to get information about this scheme, analyze their sugarcane sales, and improve the farming methods.

E-Ganna Scheme 2024

Name of the scheme e – GANNA App
Key Objective To connect farmers in Uttar Pradesh with agricultural product buyers and sellers.
Beneficiaries Farmers, Agricultural product buyers and sellers
State of Main Concern Uttar Pradesh
Current Year in Action 2024
Scheme Launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Benefits of e-GANNA App

UP government has launched the e-Ganna scheme and App to help sugarcane farmers. The e-Ganna app gives the latest sugarcane slips to farmers who are authorized by government officers. In this way, this scheme app helps farmers to track their sugarcane sales and deliveries smoothly and efficiently.

By tracking the sugarcane sales directly from E-Ganna app, farmers do not need to get help of middleman or get complete control on their sugarcane business. It makes their business selling process efficient and transparent.

E- Ganna scheme- Who is eligible

The beneficiaries of E- Ganna scheme who are eligible for it include the sugarcane farmers of the state. The eligible farmers can use E- Ganna app to get details on sugarcane sales and other news related to their business online. In this way, this scheme app improves sugar cane cultivation and agriculture practices.

E- Ganna app download

To make the sugarcane selling process transparent and smooth, the farmers need to download the E-Ganna app from the Apple Play Store or Google Play Store. This App gives the current market rates of sugarcane to farmers for their crops and helps them to sell the sugarcane easily. It helps farmers to get real-time data on sugarcane selling.

E- Ganna app district list

E- Ganna app is launched by government to helps farmers to track their sugarcane selling status. This App helps farmers get clear and correct information about farming and selling sugarcane and makes the process transparent. There are 113 sugar mills in UP that set up their own website according to districts.

These website helps farmers to find the local mills online and sell sugarcanes direct there without put third party dealer. They can easily get sugar mills in their district online.

District  Mill Name Website
Saharanpur Deoband www.kisaan.net/
Sarsawa (Cooperative) www.upsugarfed.org
Nanauta (cooperative) www.upsugarfed.org
Gagnoli www.bhlcane.com
Shermau www.kisaan.net
Muzaffarnagar Mansoorpur www.krishakmitra.com
Khatauli www.kisaan.net/
Rohana www.kisaan.net
morna (cooperative) www.upsugarfed.org
titavi www.kisaan.net
Tikaula www.kisaan.net
aging www.bhlcane.com
Khaikhedi www.kisaan.net
Shamli Wool www.kisaan.net
police station building www.bhlcane.com
Shamli www.kisaan.net
Meerut Sakouti www.kisaan.net
Daurala www.kisaan.net
Mawana www.kisaan.net
legal www.bhlcane.com
Naglamal www.kisaan.net
Baghpat Ramala (cooperative) www.upsugarfed.org
Malakpur www.kisaan.net
Ghaziabad Modinagar www.kisaan.net
Hapur Simbhavali www.kisaan.net
Brajnathpur www.kisaan.net
Bulandshahr Anupshahar (Cooperative) www.upsugarfed.org
pioneer www.kisaan.net
sabitgarh www.kisaan.net
Bijnor Dhampur www.krishakmitra.com
Syohara www.kisaan.net
Bijnor www.wavesugar.com
Chandpur www.pbsfoods.in
Snehrod (co-operative) www.upsugarfed.org
Bahadurpur www.kisaansoochna.dwarikesh.com
Barkatpur www.kisaan.net
Bundaki www.kisaansoochna.dwarikesh.com
Bilai www.bhlcane.com
Amroha Chandanpur www.kisaan.net
archer www.wavecane.in
Gajraula (cooperative) www.upsugarfed.org
Moradabad Raninagal www.kisaan.net
bilari www.shreeajudhiasugar.com/
Agwanpur www.dewansugarsindia.com
Belvada www.kisaan.net
Careful Asmouli www.krishakmitra.com
Rajpura www.krishakmitra.com
Rampur Bilaspur www.upsugarfed.org
Mr.Narayanpur www.kisaan.net
Karimganj www.kisaan.net
Pilibhit pilibhit www.lhsugar.in
Bisalpur (Cooperative) www.upsugarfed.org
Puranpur (Cooperative) www.upsugarfed.org
Barkheda www.bhlcane.com
Bareilly bahedi www.kisaan.net
Semikhera (Cooperative) www.upsugarfed.org
Mirganj www.krishakmitra.com
Nawabganj www.oswalsugar.com
Faridpur www.kisaansoochna.dwarikesh.com
Badaun Bisauli www.kisaan.org
Badaun (Cooperative) www.upsugarfed.org
Kasganj Nyoli www.kisaan.org
Shahjahanpur fast www.kisaan.net/
Tihar (cooperative) www.upsugarfed.org
Nigohi www.kisaan.net
Maqsudapur www.bhlcane.com
puvayan (cooperative) http://www.upsugarfed.org/
Hardoi Rupapur www.dsclsugar.com
Hariyawa www.dsclsugar.com
lonnie www.dsclsugar.com
Lakhimpur Circle www.bhlcane.com
Aira www.kisaan.net
Palia www.bhlcane.com
Belraya (cooperative) www.upsugarfed.org
Sampoornanagar (Cooperative) www.upsugarfed.org
Ajbapur www.dsclsugar.com
Khambharkheda www.bhlcane.com
Kumchi www.bcmlcane.com
Gulariya www.bcmlcane.com
Sitapur Hargaon www.kisaan.net
twentieth www.gannakrishak.in
Mahmudabad (Cooperative) www.upsugarfed.org
Ramgarh www.kisaan.net
Jawaharpur www.kisaan.net
Farrukhabad Karimganj www.upsugarfed.org
Barabanki Haidergarh www.bcmlcane.in/kisaan-suvidha
Faizabad Rojagaon www.bcmlcane.in/kisaan-suvidha
Motinagar www.kisaan.net
Ambedkar Nagar Mizoda www.bcmlcane.in/kisaan-suvidha
Sultanpur (Cooperative) Sultanpur www.upsugarfed.org
Gonda datauli www.bcmlcane.in
Kundarkhi www.bhlcane.in
maijapur www.bcmlcane.in
Bahraich Jarvalroad www.kisaan.net
Nanpara (Cooperative) www.upsugarfed.org
Chilvariya www.kisaan.net
Parsendi www.parlesugar.com
Balrampur Balrampur
Tulsipur www.bcml.in
wheat flour www.bhlcane.in
Colony Babhnan www.bcmlcane.in
Walterganj www.bhlcane.com
Rudhauli www.bhlcane.com
Maharajganj Siswa Bazaar www.kisaan.net
Gedora www.jhvsugar.in/
Deoria Pratappur www.bhlcane.com
Kushinagar Hata www.kisaan.net
Kaptanganj www.kisaan.net
pit www.kisaan.net
Ramkola (P.) www.kisaan.net
Sewerhi www.kisaan.net
Mau Ghosi www.upsugarfed.org
Azamgarh co-operatives www.upsugarfed.org

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