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Tomorrow, on May 26, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras is gearing up to administer the JEE Advanced 2024. Candidates who have successfully registered for this crucial examination must now focus on last-minute preparations. It’s imperative for them to familiarize themselves with exam day protocols, ensure they have downloaded and printed their admit cards.

The exam schedule for JEE (Advanced) 2024 is as follows: Paper 1 will be held from 09:00 AM to 12:00 PM, followed by Paper 2 from 02:30 PM to 05:30 PM.

The results of JEE (Advanced) 2024 will play a pivotal role in determining admission to various programs including Bachelors, Integrated Masters, and Dual Degree programs across all IITs for the academic year 2024-25.

JEE Advanced 2024

Today, on May 26, IIT Madras administered the JEE Advanced 2024, marking a crucial step for admission to the 23 IITs. The examination comprised two papers, namely Paper-1 and Paper-2, each conducted in two shifts. The first shift commenced at 9 am and concluded at 12 pm, while the second shift began at 2:30 pm, ending at 5:30 pm. Notably, the exam was conducted in Computer Based Mode (CBT).

Now, let’s delve into the assessment of both papers in terms of difficulty. In this article, we will explore the feedback provided by students, as shared by Ramesh Batlish, the managing partner of FIITJEE Noida Centres.

JEE Advanced 2024 Question Paper Overview

The JEE Advanced 2024 question paper was meticulously crafted to evaluate a broad spectrum of skills in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Maintaining a notably high difficulty level, it upheld the rigorous standards of the examination. The paper encompassed various question types, including multiple-choice questions (MCQs), numerical value questions, and match-the-following types, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of candidates’ comprehension and problem-solving prowess. The exam’s format necessitated adept time management and a profound conceptual grasp of each subject.

Candidates can access the subject-wise JEE Advanced 2024 Question Paper through the following table:

JEE Advanced 2024 Question PaperPaper 1Paper 2
PhysicsJEE Advanced 2024 Physics Question Paper PDF DownloadJEE Advanced 2024 Physics Question Paper PDF Download
ChemistryJEE Advanced 2024 Chemistry Question Paper PDF DownloadJEE Advanced 2024 Chemistry Question Paper PDF Download
MathematicsJEE Advanced 2024 Mathematics Question Paper PDF DownloadJEE Advanced 2024 Mathematics Question Paper PDF Download


JEE Advanced 2024 Shift-Wise Live Paper Discussion

Expert faculties from Physics Wallah hosted comprehensive live paper discussions for both Paper 1 and Paper 2 of JEE Advanced 2024. These sessions delved into detailed analyses and solutions for each question, aiding students in understanding the nuances of the exam. Encompassing Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, the discussions dissected intricate problems and clarified fundamental concepts. The experts offered strategic insights and tips on time management, empowering aspirants to evaluate their performance, address weaknesses, and refine their problem-solving abilities. These live discussions serve as an invaluable resource for mastering the challenges posed by JEE Advanced 2024.

JEE Advanced 2024 Subject-Wise Question Papers Analysis

Chemistry: The Chemistry section of the JEE Advanced 2024 exam posed significant challenges and emphasized conceptual understanding. It assessed students’ knowledge of organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry through various question types such as MCQs and numerical problems. Questions often required integration of knowledge across different topics, necessitating a deep understanding of the subject. Key areas like reaction mechanisms, coordination compounds, and thermodynamics were prominently featured.

Mathematics: The Mathematics section of JEE Advanced 2024 showcased a high difficulty level and covered a wide array of topics. It featured complex problems from calculus, algebra, trigonometry, and coordinate geometry. The paper comprised a mix of MCQs and numerical value questions, testing students’ analytical skills and ability to apply mathematical concepts to solve intricate problems. Effective problem-solving strategies and time management were crucial for tackling this section.

Physics: The Physics paper in JEE Advanced 2024 was rigorous, focusing extensively on concepts from mechanics, electromagnetism, optics, and modern physics. It comprised a blend of multiple-choice and numerical value questions, demanding strong conceptual clarity and application skills. Students were required to demonstrate their understanding of fundamental principles and solve complex problems within time constraints.

Subject-Wise Exam Analysis: The JEE Advanced 2024 exam analysis offers an in-depth breakdown of each subject—Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics—highlighting question complexity and nature. These analyses provide insights into topic distribution, difficulty levels, and question types. Subject-wise PDFs are available for download to aid students in their preparation and review, offering a comprehensive understanding of each subject’s performance metrics.

Candidates can access the Marking Scheme for the JEE Advanced 2024 exam through the table below. The exam’s marking scheme, including concepts of full, partial, and zero marks, is subject to change annually and can be found in the ‘Instructions to Candidates’ section during the exam.

Mode of Examination: Computer-based Duration: 3 hours for each paper (4 hours for PwD candidates) Subjects: Paper 1- Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics; Paper 2- Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics Total Questions: 108 (54 in each paper) Marking Scheme: The exam incorporates concepts of full, partial, and zero marks.

JEE Advanced 2024 Qualifying Marks Comparison

Minimum Marks Needed to Qualify

Rank ListMinimum Marks in Each SubjectMinimum Aggregate Marks
Common Rank List (CRL)886
OBC-NCL rank list777
GEN-EWS rank list777
SC rank list443
ST rank list443
Common-PwD rank list (CRL-PwD)443
OBC-NCL-PwD rank list443
GEN-EWS-PwD rank list443
SC-PwD rank list443
ST-PwD rank list443
Preparatory course (PC) rank lists222


Minimum Percentage Needed to Qualify:

Rank ListMinimum Percentage of Marks in Each SubjectMinimum Percentage of Aggregate Marks
Common rank list (CRL)6.83%23.89%
GEN-EWS rank list6.15%21.50%
OBC-NCL rank list6.15%21.50%
SC rank list3.42%11.95%
ST rank list3.42%11.95%
Common-PwD rank list (CRL-PwD)3.42%11.95%
GEN-EWS-PwD rank list3.42%11.95%
OBC-NCL-PwD rank list3.42%11.95%
SC-PwD rank list3.42%11.95%
ST-PwD rank list3.42%11.95%
Preparatory course rank lists1.71%5.98%


These tables provide a clear breakdown of the minimum marks and percentages required to qualify for various rank lists in the JEE Advanced 2024 examination.

JEE Advanced 2024 Answer Key Release Schedule

The provisional answer key for JEE Advanced 2024 will be published online on June 2, 2024. Subsequently, the final answer key and the results will be announced on June 9, 2024. Students can access these keys and their results conveniently through the official website

The JEE Advanced FIITJEE answer key holds significant importance for all exam takers. It serves as a valuable tool for evaluating performance, estimating scores, and identifying any discrepancies to be addressed. By utilizing the answer key, students can gain insights into their subject comprehension and overall performance in the examination.

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Key Details About JEE Advanced 2024

Conducted by IIT Madras, the JEE Advanced 2024 examination is scheduled for May 26, 2024 (Sunday). This computer-based test (CBT) is open to candidates who cleared JEE Main 2024. The exam comprises two papers: Paper 1 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM and Paper 2 from 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM, each with a duration of 3 hours. Subjects covered include Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

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