Khadya Suraksha Yojana Rajasthan, Ration Card Update, New List

Are you a citizen of Rajasthan? If yes, you may have heard about the Khadya Suraksha Yojana ration card. If you are a Rajasthan citizen or eligible under the National Food Security Yojana, then you must have a ration card to get all the benefits of this scheme. The wheat given to beneficiaries under the food security scheme comes in their ration card. To keep it easy for beneficiaries of the Food Security Yojana, the government does the work of mapping ration cards in all districts. They map ration card to Jan aadhaar.

All the eligible people who get a ration under the food security scheme can also get a ration for a new person if any new name has been added to their Jan Aadhar card. For this, they need to get their ration card mapping done. Only the eligible for the food security scheme are able to get the benefit of a free Ration. Keep reading the post to know more about the Khadya Suraksha Yojana Ration Card.

Khadya Suraksha Yojana Ration Card Update

In reality, due to the authorities no longer mapping the Jan Aadhaar with the ration card, it isn’t feasible to know whether the beneficiaries related to the ration card are alive or no longer, whether or not the girls got married, whether or not the people changed their regions.

Now, there are no facts about who used the Ration of wheat. After the appearance of Jan Aadhaar mapping information, the government has ordered the general public and ration sellers to map all of the ration cards in the district with Jan Aadhaar so that the actual situation may be recognized.

Application Form forFood Security
Scheme TypeGovernment of India
Food Safety Website
Application form for food securityKhadya Suraksha Form
Food Safety Helpline Number0141-2227362, 0141-2227362

What is Khadya Suraksha Yojana?

The Food Security Scheme (Khadya Suraksha Yojana) has been launched by the Government of India with the intention of providing rations at low rates to all of the poor households of the country. Under Khadya Suraksha Yojana 2022, Ration card-maintaining families are given a subsidy on buying Ration; that is, each month, the Government of India offers you wheat, sugar, and pulses at Rs 2 per kg.

Only citizens with ration cards can avail of the advantage of the Food Security Scheme if their ration card is valid and they are not getting Ration. So, the purpose of that is that your ration card isn’t always linked to food security. Due to that, you no longer get Ration. Under the Food Security Scheme, every person of all the families included in the ration card gets a 5 kg free ration each month.

Jan Aadhaar Ration Card Mapping

Mapping will be performed from Jan Aadhaar at price shops. The District Logistics Officer stated that honest rate shopkeeper Jan Aadhaar mapping might be done by the shopkeeper, underneath which it is mandatory to link every member registered inside ration card with the Jan Aadhaar card.

It is crucial to get Jan’s Aadhaar mapping achieved to avail the benefits of Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana. The list of such members has been made available to honest rate shopkeepers.

Why is a mapping from Jan’s Aadhaar important?

Under the Food Security Scheme, in such ration cards wherein the head or any member has died, it’s far mandatory to get the name of the member removed from the ration card. However, the family individuals do now not get their names removed. If the deceased member is big, then in his region, different participants are recorded on the ration card.

To make someone the head, one has to apply on e-Mitra. Jan Aadhaar mapping is also necessary when girls get married or when a new member comes into their own family. Wheat is being picked without getting the name deducted. Due to a lack of mapping in Jan Aadhaar, the process is not running well.

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How to join in Ration Card Khadya Surksha

If your ration card is made and you aren’t getting rations, then you can upload your ration card to food protection in the manner given below.

  • To upload your ration card to the Food Security Scheme, you should visit the Food Civil Supplies Department workplace in your area.
  • From this, you need to take the application form for food safety.
  • After this, you need to fill in all of the information asked in the application form for the Food Security Scheme effectively.
  • Such facts because of the name of the applicant, name of the family participants of the applicant, ration card number, Aadhar card number of all the family members, name of the district, name of tehsil, name of the village, name of the ration dealer, mobile number and many others need to fill.
  • After this, you need to attach photocopies of all of the required documents for the Food Security Scheme.
  • After this, you need to submit the application form to the food department office of your district.
  • After filing the form, your software form can be verified by officials associated with the department, in which case you’re eligible to avail yourself of the advantages of the Food Security Scheme.
  • So your ration card can be brought to the food protection scheme. And you will begin getting Ration from the ration provider every month, in this way you could add your ration card to the food safety scheme.

How to map the Khadya Suraksha Yojana Ration Card

  • First of all, you need to visit your ration dealer.
  • After that, he was requested to map his ration card to his Jan Aadhar card.
  • After that, inform him of your ration card Number.
  • Now inform the ration supplier of these statistics about which family member needs to get Jan Aadhaar mapping done in the ration card.
  • The ration dealer will complete the mapping work after taking all the information from you.

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