kumkum bhagya written update, Poorvi and Vishaka come to PS to meet Prachi

The scene unfolds as Harman expresses remorse, while Harleen distances herself from supporting Prachi and Poorvi, placing blame on Poorvi for manipulating others’ lives. Meanwhile, Monisha and Deepika share knowing smiles. The Commissioner asserts his duty to arrest Poorvi despite Ranbir’s plea for dialogue. Amidst accusations, Poorvi defends herself, denying any wrongdoing. Tensions escalate as the women turn hostile towards Poorvi, prompting Tashu to intervene. Vishaka arrives, defending her daughter and confronting the aggressors, leading to a standoff as the police approach.

Vishaka asserts their fearlessness and determination to face the police, declaring they will return home. The Commissioner speculates that the poisoning was a deliberate attempt to sabotage Ranbir and Priyu’s marriage, despite Tashu’s insistence on Priyu’s innocence. Ranbir defends Poorvi, pleading with the Commissioner not to arrest her, but the Commissioner warns him to stay out of the case.

kumkum bhagya written update

Meanwhile, goons keep RV confined in a car deck. Unaware, Poorvi boards a car and heads to the police station, where Vishaka arrives demanding to see Prachi. She chastises the inspector for arresting Prachi, insisting on her innocence. Poorvi attempts to reason with the police, explaining Vishaka’s emotional state and their clean record, but the inspector remains skeptical, questioning why RV hasn’t come to free his wife.

Elsewhere, Amar Dayal’s goons update him on RV’s situation, causing him concern. Diya and Poorvi find solace in RV’s anticipated support. As family members arrive at the station, Manpreet urges Poorvi to visit Prachi.

Back at home, Harleen grows anxious about RV’s whereabouts, prompting Vaishali to accompany her to search. Monisha and Deepika suspect RV may be with Poorvi at the police station, deciding to investigate.

Inside the station, Poorvi consoles Prachi, assuring her of innocence and promising to rectify the situation after her release. Prachi, overwhelmed with guilt, apologizes for the chaos, but Poorvi reassures her, urging her to stay strong. As Poorvi leaves, Prachi reflects on Tashu’s words and her role in the marriage debacle.

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