SSI Updated Amount, Eligibility, and Payment Schedule for 2024: Get All the Latest Information

The SSA has announced revised SSI amounts for all Social Security recipients. These amounts have increased due to the cost of living adjustment applied to Social Security benefits. Single beneficiaries will now receive $943, while couples filing jointly will receive $1,415. SSI payments are available to beneficiaries with little or no income. Individuals can check the complete SSI payment schedule through this post. This page provides the updated amounts applicable to SSI.

SSI Revised Amount

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a monthly payment provided to disabled individuals or adults experiencing financial hardship. This assistance is administered by the Social Security Administration. Cost of Living Adjustments has been raised by 3.2% this year due to inflation, effective from January 2024. It’s important for all beneficiaries to note that the maximum SSI amount increases with the cost of living adjustments applied to Social Security. These payments are distributed monthly, and individuals aged 65 and above are eligible for SSI benefits.

All SSI payments are deposited into citizens’ accounts on the first day of each month. Single tax filers receive benefits totaling $943 monthly, while couples filing jointly receive $1,415 per month, with a 3.2% increase added to the unrounded amounts from 2023 due to COLA benefits. An essential person receives $472 monthly. For the latest updates on payment changes, read this comprehensive article covering eligibility, payment schedules, and the latest benefit amounts for beneficiaries.

Revised SSI Amounts 2024 –

SSI is provided to individuals without income or resources who are disabled. SSI payments are issued on the first day of each month, and the amount recipients will receive has been raised. Beneficiaries should refer to the table below to check the updated payment amounts.

Post TitleSSI Revised Amount
Under AgencySocial Security Administration (SSA)
Benefit nameSupplemental Security Income (SSI)
Payment ToUS citizens having disability
Payment EligibilityOnes with resources or income
Age Limit65 Years or More
Payment amounts$943 for individual and $1415 for couples
Additional benefit a$472 per month
SSI Payment Date June 20241st date each month
Payment ModeDirect deposit
Post typeFinance


Supplemental Security Income 2024

SSI payments administered by the SSA have been increased following adjustments in COLA. A 3.2% increase, based on COLA benefits, has been applied to the 2023 benefits. These payments are distributed to individuals with limited income and resources.

SSI benefits are released on the first day of each month, and recipients must check their bank accounts for payment status. Eligibility criteria for SSI payment in 2024 include:

  • Residency in the United States.
  • Age of 65 years or older.
  • Limited or no income.
  • Disability status.

What Is The New Payment For SSI 2024?

Recipients Unrounded amount for 2023Unrounded amount for 2024Monthly amount for 2024
Eligible Individual$10970.44$11321.49$943
Additional Person$5497.80$5673.73$472

Payment Schedule For SSI Benefits 2024

Month SSI Payment Date June 2024
June 202431 May 2024
July 20241 July 2024
August 20241 August 2024
September 202430 August 2024
October 20241 October 2024
November 20241 November 2024
December 202429 November 2024

SSI Benefit Calculation 2024

Calculation for Next Year’s Amount:

The upcoming year’s amount will be determined by adjusting the unrounded annual amounts from the previous year. With a 3.2% increase in COLA, the 2024 amount is calculated by adding this COLA increase to the 2023 benefit amount.

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  • FAQs on SSI Revised Amount:

What are SSI payments?

SSI payments are benefits provided to citizens with limited resources and income.

How much is the SSI amount?

The SSI amount is $943 for singles and $1,415 for couples.

What is the additional amount for an essential person?

An additional $472 per month is provided for an essential person.

When are SSI benefits received?

SSI payments are released on the first day of each month.

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