Top 10 Best Anime to Watch in 2024: Don’t Miss the New List

Anime is super popular all over the world. It comes from Japan but people everywhere love it. There are all kinds of anime, like action stories and love stories. Everyone can find something they like in anime. Even though it’s the start of the Summer 2024 anime season, we’re still excited about all the cool new shows that came out.

Today, we have the complete list of anime series that you should check out and binge-watch. These are the top-rated by viewers and are loved by them. So, let us start the complete list now.

Watch these top 10 animes

Here Is the Complete List of Best Anime in 2024

1. Kingdom Season 5

Kingdom (season 5) is a cool show based on a comic book by Yasuhisa Hara. It’s all about ancient China and the adventures of two boys named Shin and Hyou who grew up as orphans of war in the kingdom of Qin. They go through a lot of tough times, like getting captured and hurt, but they never give up on their dreams of becoming great warriors. This season has 11 episodes and started on January 13, 2024. It stays true to the story from the comic book, starting from chapter 441.

The show is made by Studio Signpost and is shown on NHK BS Premium and NHK General TV. It’s got really exciting stories and awesome animation that keeps you hooked. You’ll get to see how politics worked in ancient China, with lots of alliances and betrayals happening. There’s also a new character who looks a lot like Hyou, which makes you wonder what his role will be in the future of the kingdom. This season is full of action, mystery, and the quest for power and fame.

2. The Dangers in My Heart Season 2

The Dangers in My Heart Season 2 is all about the love story between two middle-schoolers, Anna and Kyotaro. It started on January 7, 2024, and has 24 episodes. The show digs into their relationship and how they deal with being teenagers. They face things like feeling nervous around people and trying to figure out who they are.

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The story comes from a popular comic book by Norio Sakurai. People love it because it feels real, like it’s really about what it’s like to be a teenager. The show is directed by Hiroaki Akagi and made by Shin-Ei Animation. It’s got great storytelling and colorful animation that keeps you interested.

Kyotaro struggles with his feelings for Anna and learns to deal with his own fears. Watching their story, you’ll laugh, cry, and learn along with them. This season mixes romance, comedy, and everyday life, making it relatable for everyone, no matter their age. It’s a heartfelt look at growing up and falling in love.

3. Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling is an exciting anime based on a South Korean web novel. It’s made by Studio A-1 Pictures, known for other great shows like Your Lie in April and Black Butler. The story follows Sung Jinwoo, who starts off as a weak hunter but becomes incredibly strong in a world full of monsters and magic. The anime mixes action, drama, and fantasy to talk about things like power, never giving up, and always trying to get stronger.

The first season has 25 episodes, split into two parts to keep you interested. It started showing in Tokyo and Seoul in December 2023 and became available worldwide on Crunchyroll by January 2024. In the story, there are lots of scary monsters, but Sung Jinwoo gets special powers from something called the System. He can level up and control creatures called Shadows. As he goes on dangerous adventures to explore dungeons, the anime tells a thrilling story about making up for past mistakes, seeking revenge, and showing how strong people can be.

4. A Sign of Affection

A Sign of Affection is a touching story about love and understanding, set in a college. It’s about a girl named Yuki Itose who was born deaf. The manga, written by Suu Morishita, started in July 2019 and has been praised for showing how hard it can be to communicate when you have a disability. It’s also praised for the sweet romance between Yuki and Itsuomi.

The story begins when Yuki meets Itsuomi, who can speak many languages, on a train. They start to connect despite their differences, and it changes both of their lives.

Now, the manga has been turned into an anime by Ajia-do Animation Works. Directed by Yūta Murano, known for his work on Kakushigoto, the anime aired from January to March 2024. It’s a beautiful story about love, friendship, and overcoming challenges in communication. The characters, voiced by Sumire Morohoshi and Yu Miyazaki, make the story come alive, showing how love can speak louder than words.

5. Ninja Kamui

Ninja Kamui is an exciting new cartoon show that premiered on Adult Swim’s Toonami block in February 2024. It’s all about revenge and making things right. The show is made by E&H Production and Sola Entertainment, with help from Williams Street. Sunghoo Park directs it, and Takesha Okazaki designs the characters. The show has cool music, including Vengeance by Coldrain as the opening song and Eye Openers by Jessica Gelinas as the closing song. There are also songs played during the episodes to make them even more intense.

best anime in this list

The first season has 12 episodes, and they come out two at a time every week. The first episode is dubbed and comes out at 11 PM Central Time, then the subtitled version comes out at 2 AM Central Time.

The story takes place in rural America and follows a ninja named Higan, who goes by Joe Logan now. He’s trying to live a normal life after his wife and son were killed in an attack. But when he finds out who’s responsible, he goes back to being a ninja to get revenge. The show has great voice actors like Kenjiro Tsuda, Christie Guidry, and Jeremy Gee. It’s all about loyalty, sacrifice, and doing what’s right, even if it’s hard. As Higan goes on his journey for revenge, Ninja Kamui promises to be a wild ride full of action, secrets, and ancient rivalries.

6. Mashle: Magic And Muscles

Mashle: Magic and Muscles is a cool story written and drawn by Hajime Kōmoto. It’s set in a world where magic is everywhere, and people judge your strength by how good you are at magic. But the main character, Mash Vandead, doesn’t have any magic powers. Instead, he’s super strong. He decides to prove that muscles can be just as powerful as magic. So, he goes to Easton Magic Academy, where only magic users usually go.

Mashle: Magic And Muscles anime shows

The story is exciting and funny, and it talks about things like not letting others define your worth. It’s turned into a cartoon by A-1 Pictures, and it started in April 2023. People love the awesome animation and the story. The first season ended in July 2023, and the second season started in January 2024. It’s all about Mash’s journey as he tries to make a name for himself in a world where magic is everything. With its inspiring message and cool characters, Mashle is a hit with fans everywhere, giving a new twist to the classic story of the little guy fighting against the odds in a world of spells and determination.

7. Delicious in Dungeon

Delicious in Dungeon is a fun mix of fantasy, comedy, and adventure. It’s a story written and drawn by Ryōko Kui. The manga series started in 2014 and ended in 2023. It’s about a group of brave adventurers exploring a dangerous dungeon where they have to fight monsters to survive. But here’s the twist: instead of just fighting monsters, they eat them too!

The anime version, directed by Yoshihiro Miyajima and written by Kimiko Ueno, started in January 2024. It follows Laios, Marcille, and Chilchuck as they try to rescue Laios’s sister from a scary dragon.

In this fantasy world, people form guilds and go into dungeons to find treasure. But when Laios’s sister gets captured, the rest of the group decides to save her. They come up with a clever plan: they’ll eat the monsters they fight to stay alive as they journey through the dungeon’s dangerous traps and creatures.

Delicious in Dungeon is not just about surviving, though. It’s also about friendship, never giving up, and being creative with what you have. It’s a fun and exciting story set in a world of adventure and delicious surprises.

8. Classroom of The Elite 3

Classroom of The Elite 3 is another part of the story about Kiyotaka Ayanokōji and his classmates at Koudo Ikusei Senior High School. It aired from January 3 to March 27, 2024, with 13 episodes coming out every Wednesday. This season covers volumes eight to 11.5 of the novel series, focusing on the first-year arc of the story. It has a great cast of characters like Suzune Horikita, Kikyou Kushida, Airi Sakura, and Kei Karuizawa, who all add to the story.

Classroom of The Elite 3 best anime

The show is made by Lerche, and it keeps up the same level of quality as before. Yoshihito Nishōji directs it, with help from chief directors Kishi and Hashimoto. The characters look just like fans remember them, thanks to Morita’s designs. The story is written by Yasushi Shigenobu and Hayato Kazano, and the music by Masaru Yokoyama and Kana Hashiguchi helps set the mood for the dramatic events at the school.

Classroom of The Elite 3 is full of mystery, excitement, and messages about society. Fans are sure to be hooked by the story and the interesting relationships between the characters as they navigate through high school life.

9. Urusei Yatsura 2nd Season

Urusei Yatsura (2022) 2nd Season is a funny show about Ataru Moroboshi and Lum, an alien girl, who have lots of adventures together. It started airing on Fuji TV in October 2022, exactly 41 years after the original series began. This second season is the end of the show, wrapping up all the stories. It’s made by David Production and has 46 episodes in total. You can watch it on Hidive, thanks to Sentai Filmworks.

The first season of Urusei Yatsura (2022) aired between October 2022 and March 2023, and now the second season continues the fun. Each episode usually has two funny stories, so it’s more about making you laugh than having a complicated plot. Fans love the show’s mix of romance, comedy, and science fiction, and they’re excited to see what happens next to Ataru, Lum, and their friends like Shinobu and Mendo. The show is based on a manga by Rumiko Takahashi, and it keeps the same fun and nostalgia of the original stories.

10. Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard

Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?! is a sweet mix of romance and fantasy. It’s about a guy named Kiyoshi Adachi who gets a strange gift on his 30th birthday: he can read people’s minds just by touching them. This turns his world upside down when he accidentally reads the thoughts of his coworker, Yuichi Kurosawa. As they grow closer, Adachi learns about love and friendship in a whole new way.

The story started as a Japanese boys’ love comic by Yuu Toyota. It became really popular and was turned into a live-action TV drama in 2020, which was a big hit. Then, in 2022, they made a movie sequel to the drama. Now, Cherry Magic! is also an anime series made by Satelight, which started in January 2024.

Final Words

This was the complete list of animes that you should not miss any of them if you are a true anime lover. Also, you can check out our other article on raj pg mds.

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